How to Pick a WordPress Form Builder Plugin

If you own a WordPress site, you probably find forms to be indispensable for creating a satisfying user experience and increasing your conversion rates. 

You need forms for clients to get in touch with you easily, answer simple survey questions, leave feedback, write testimonials, and so on. But you don’t need to have coding experience to create and manage forms. You can use form plugins and form builder plugins!

There are hundreds of form plugins available today. They help you create and manage a wide range of forms to suit your needs. In this article, I’ll guide you to the best plugins on the market today.   

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  • What to Look for in a Form Builder Plugin

    • Responsiveness: It’s 2019, and the ability to create websites that easily and efficiently scale to any devices—desktops, tablets, smartphones—should be a no-brainer. 
    • Drag-and-drop building and ease of use: because time is money, whether or not you know how to code.
    • Customization and flexibility: your form builder has to be able to build the kinds of forms you need.
    • Shortcodes: so you can add forms anywhere on your website.
    • Integration: your forms might need to integrate with other services like marketing, payment, or monetization plugins. 
    • Regular updates: if a plugin is not up-to-date, it’s likely not secure, and it might have compatibility problems with current versions of WordPress.
    • Security: does the seller do regular audits to identify and fix security vulnerabilities that may arise from the use of the plugin?

    WordPress Form Builder Plugins on CodeCanyon

    Here are some of the most important categories of WordPress form plugins on CodeCanyon, and some of the best plugins in each category.

    Multi-Purpose Form Builders 

    These all-in-one form builder plugins allow you to create a wide variety of forms. 

    • NexForms
    • NEXForms Lite
    • FormCraft 
    • Quform 
    • ARForms
    • EForm 
    • Super Forms 
    • Ultimate Form Builder
    • Private Content 
    • Frontend Publishing Pro 
    • Form Builder

    Login Forms 

    These plugins allow you to modify your WordPress login form to make it more user-friendly to clients or maybe to leverage social media sign-ins.

    • UserPro
    • Modal Login Register
    • Mobile Number Signup and Login 
    • User Signup for ARForms 

    Contact Forms

    These reliable contact form plugins will make it easy for visitors to reach you with their questions and comments.

    • Ninja Kick
    • WordPress Contact Us Form 

    Contact Form 7 Builder 

    Long forms are intimidating and turn users off. Avoid making users scroll all the way down by using CF7 forms. 

    CF7 forms are user-friendly multi-page forms that include progress bars as well as save and resume features. 

    • Contact Form 7 Database 
    • Contact Form 7 Addon Bundle All-in-One 
    • Moana CF7 Builder
    • Contact Form 7 Popup Message
    • CF7 Cost Calculator – Addon for CF7 
    • Contact Form 7 Addons – All-in-one bundle 
    • Storage for Contact Form 7

    Survey Plugins

    These plugins will help you create surveys and polls for your website. 

    • Modal Survey 
    • BuzzFeed Quiz Builder 
    • TotalPoll Pro 


    If you have a subscription-based website, the following subscription form plugins will come in handy.

    • Master Popups—Email Subscriptions 
    • WP Full Stripe 
    • Opt-in Downloads 
    • MailChimper Pro 


    The following plugins will allow you to build specialized forms for WooCommerce.

    • WooCommerce Extra Product Options
    • Payment Form Builder for WooCommerce 
    • Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields 
    • WorldPay for WooCommerce 

    Submission Forms

    These plugins make it possible for users to submit and publish content on your site without needing to log in to the admin section. 

    • Frontend Publishing Pro 
    • Frontend Submit Pro
    • AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro 

    Estimation Forms 

    Using these forms, you can give your users access to instant online estimates for projects, products, and services. Some of these plugins can even let users make payments.

    • Cost Calculator for WordPress
    • WP Estimation and Payment Forms Builder 
    • Zigaform
    • Sendy Widget Pro


    There’s only one plugin in this category, but it’s a useful one if you want to collect feedback or ratings from users.

    • Rating Form 


    These form builders and form plugins are some of the best on CodeCanyon, but there are so many more—maybe even some great plugins that haven’t been discovered yet.