Inspirational Website of the Week: Igor Mahr

A web design full of lively motion with a truly unique feel. Our pick this week.

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Easily Secure and Manage All Your Apple Devices in Minutes

Jamf Now is a management tool for your iPads, iPhones and Macs at work. Jamf Now makes IT tasks easy so you can focus on your business instead!

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Using Native JavaScript Modules in Production Today

Phillip Walton shows how to deploy native JavaScript modules in production today and improve the load and runtime performance of your site by doing so.

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How To Build A Real-Time Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game (Part 1)

The first article in a series on how to build a web-based multiplayer virtual reality game. By Alvin Wan.

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The Native File System API: Simplifying access to local files

Find out what the Native File System API is and what you can do with it in this article by Pete LePage.

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The updated portfolio by Aristide Benoist is a true WebGL powered gem.

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NuxtPress is a microframework that will automatically register routes, templates and configuration options in your Nuxt application. It also takes care of loading Markdown files and making pre-rendered static files automatically available.

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Where did CSS named colours come from?

Chen Hui Jing shares some interesting and entertaining things she found out about CSS colors.

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WebAssembly Interface Types: Interoperate with All the Things!

An illustrated article by Lin Clark on a new, early-stage proposal for a basic WebAssembly type called anyref.

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Speech to text in the browser with the Web Speech API

A tutorial on how to use the Web Speech API to get your web application speaking back to you. By Phil Nash.

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The ABCs of Design Systems

Mike Dick’s creative A-Z guide for operating your design system team.

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Build an Infinite Scroll Image Gallery with Gatsby and Netlify Functions

William Imoh shows how to implement a popular design pattern from scratch: an infinite scroll image gallery.

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UseAuth offers a simple way to add authentication to your React app. It handles users, login forms and redirects.

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How to Build Good Software

A must-read on how to properly approach a new software or coding project. By Li Hongyi.

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This CSS-Tricks Almanac entry by Geoff Graham is about line-clamp, a very practical property that truncates text at a specific number of lines.

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GoPablo is a static site generator with a modern development workflow, integrated web server, auto-reload, CSS preprocessors, and ES6 ready.

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A useful directory of email newsletters categorized by topic.

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2019 Checkbox Styled — Accessible, Simple, CSS-only

Jen Simmons shares a simple and css-only way for a custom checkbox.

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Liam Egan created this amazing demo. Best viewed on a powerful machine.

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Free Font: Camar Vintage

An art deco inpsired font designed by Don Marciano.

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Learn responsive web design in 5 minutes

Per Harald Borgen shares some useful responsive web design techniques.

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The Browser Monopoly

Blair Reeves on the state of Google’s browser monopoly.

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Why I like JavaScript Optional Chaining

Dmitri Pavlutin shares how optional chaining in JavaScript can make your code simpler.

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Collective #542 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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