First-Class Functions in JavaScript

Nick Scialli explains JavaScript first-class functions and shows some real-world examples.

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How Does the Development Mode Work?

Dan Abramov gives some valuable insights into the workings of the React development mode.

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Clip Clop Clippity Clop

A beautiful CSS only animated horse made by Steve Gardner. Click it to see a detailed slow-mo version.

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Establish network connections early to improve perceived page speed

Learn about rel=preconnect and rel=dns-prefetch resource hints and how to use them in this article by Milica Mihajlija.

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React Slider w/ Hover Effect

A really nice slider implementation by Ryan Mulligan.

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Scope in JavaScript – HTTP 203

Jake and Surma take a deep dive into the world of variable scoping in JavaScript.

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An experiment by Amelia Wattenberger that turns an image into a Voronoi SVG.

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Rick and Morty

A really cool interactive website for the “Rick and Morty” show.

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ES proposal: optional chaining

An article by Axel Rauschmayer about the ECMAScript proposal “Optional chaining” by Gabriel Isenberg, Claude Pache, and Dustin Savery.

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Regex For Noobs (like me!) – an illustrated guide

Jan Meppe’s gentle introduction and illustrated guide to regular expressions.

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Getting to the Heart of Digital Accessibility

An eye-opening article by Carie Fisher on how teaching developers writing accessible code will lead to better digital accessibility.

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This Ain’t Disney: A practical guide to CSS transitions and animations

Some valuable insight by Mohammed Ibrahim on how to create UI animations that feel right.

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Social Links Cube (PlayCanvas)

A cool 3D cube demo made with PlayCanvas. By halvves.

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WebGL enhanced drag slider tutorial with curtains.js (part 1)

A three part tutorial series by Martin Laxenaire on how to make a cool draggable slider with curtain.js.

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Inside the Matrix VR

Radek Pazdera created this WebVR experience using three.js.

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Adblocking: How About Nah?

An important read: “…with more and more power in fewer and fewer hands, it’s become increasingly difficult for Web publishers to resist advertisers’ insistence on obnoxious tracking ads”.

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Paint Drop Hover

Mariusz Dabrowski made this interesting dynamic hover effect.

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A nice collection of handcrafted patterns free for a subscription. By Lstore Graphics.

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Text by circles

A beautiful demo by Artem that shows a text made up of circular shapes.

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Money Vector Icons Set

A set of 50 vector icons related to finances and money. Free for a subscription.

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Free Font: Oliver

A clean sans-serif typeface with 3 weights.

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The guide to Visual Studio Code shortcuts

Michael Lazarski’s guide to Visual Studio Code shortcuts.

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Collective #538 was written by Pedro Botelho and published on Codrops.

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