The keyboard is one of the most crucial parts of a computer, without which it’s nearly impossible to access the system. Yes, we do have the touch screen computers today, but very few of us use these systems. For some, it can be challenging to use the usual QWERTY format in the way they are already arranged. But if you want to customize the keyboard according to your convenience you can use key mapping software

For instance, you may want to replace the position of the “Tab” key with “Ctrl” key, you can use the programs to remap them. You can also add new personalized keys, or deactivate any key for added convenience like disabling the “Fn” button. Moreover, there are times when some of your keys might have stopped working making it tough for typing. While using a macro tool can help you remap keys or operate a shortcut service, these need to be saved in the system memory for them to work all the time.

Therefore, using a key mapping tool can be the best alternative as these do not need a process to run the background for it to function. Here we have listed some of the best key mapping software programs that you can use instead of 3rd party tools.


Sharpkeys Min

If you are having a tough time re-mapping the keys on your keyboard, SharpKeys does the job for you. It can change the way how different keys work, efficiently. For instance, if you are having a tough time with one of the keys like hitting the “Fn” key accidentally every time you want to press the “Ctrl” key, you can either disable it or change its function to a different key.

The software helps you map up to 104 different types of combinations! It’s a pretty easier tool to start with an empty interface to work upon. It shows only the edits that you have made unless you hit the “Add” option to start remapping a new key. The interface then gets divided into two vertical panes of which one shows the “From Keys”, and the other one shows the “To Keys”.

You can now select the “From key” from the list on the left, and move it to the “To key” on the right where it is mapped. However, since not all the keys listed may not be available on your keyboard, you can make your choice by pressing the “Type Key” option and then hit the physical key you want to select. You must complete the process by hitting the “Write to Registry” option and wait for the successful mapping confirmation by the registry. Now, shut down the application and log out, or restart to apply the new mappings.

Price: free


Keytweak Keyboard Remapper Min

Keytweak is one of the keymapping software programs that lets you remap the keyboard keys. It enables you to alter all the mapped keys, activate/deactivate keys, and even store your alignment in a single click. On launching the user interface of the software, it shows the alignment of your keyboard in association with a range of buttons and commands. Here you can assign each key as per your requirement and place it beside a command or simply let it be empty to deactivate it. As the mapping is done, the keys store your command and activate the software function. From here on, your keyboard starts getting mapped as per your set alignment.

Whether it’s for the safety of your system, simply to redefine the keys to operate a program, or you need it to play some game, there are many reasons why remapping can be good using this software. Alternatively, the remapping of keys is also useful in case any of the keys are damaged and they have stopped working.

Price: free

Key Mapper

Keymapper Min (1)

If you are looking to configure your keyboard, Key Mapper is just the right tool that can help you with it. Using this software, you can remap the keyboard keys as per your choice. For instance, you can change the function of one key (Caps Lock) to work like another (for example, Ctrl), or to any other function that may not be even present on your keyboard.

This free application is available for Windows 2000 and previous versions. It’s a lightweight program that does not occupy much storage space compared to many other similar programs. It comes equipped with a various keyboard designs (pre-set) such as, featuring a number pad which is not present in most laptop keyboards, Mac keyboard, or typewriters key alone.

In order to map a key, all you need to do is to either use the software’s key capture feature or just pick a key from the list and prepare a new mapping. Wondering how to use the key capture feature? All you need to do is to choose the desired key and hit the set button, pick a key group and a key from the list, and hit the map button. Now, the virtual keyboard will show you a new key replacing the old one.

If you want to deactivate the mapped key at a later date, you can easily do that by simply pulling it away from the keyboard. In addition, you can also change the attributes of the key like the color, add toggle function to the key menu, choose another language, and much more.

Price: free

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